Digital Knowledge Spaces: Virtual Research Laboratories in the humanities
(published 23.12.2014)

The Digital Humanities have established their place in the humanities and are inspiring new research questions, approaches, and discoveries.
The film introduces innovative projects from different humanities disciplines, shows the role of infrastructure institutions such as academic libraries in the context of the digital research process, and provides an overview of both academic teaching and a vivid DH community.

Virtual Research Worlds
(published 20.07.2012)
The use of digital methods and techniques is changing research, not only in the natural sciences but also increasingly in the humanities.
These methods provide assistance in investigating diverse research questions and also encourage genuinely new perspectives.
This film demonstrates how virtual research environments enable researchers to make use of networked research and how they open up new possibilities such as the creation of digital editions.

Digital Editing in a Virtual Research Environment
(published 16.10.2014)
Virtual research environments as TextGrid support literary scholars in the entire workflow of producing digital editions.

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