Digital editing– research– archiving


Open source tools and services support humanistic scholars during the entire process of research, especially in digital scholarly editing.



The long-term research data archive offers safe storing, publishing and researching versatile digital material (XML/TEI formatted text, images and databases), e.g. in the Digital Library of TextGrid.



An online help, tutorials, mailing lists, a bug tracker and the source code enable users and developers to quickly start working with TextGrid.


TextGrid - a sustainable research environment

After nine years, the funding of TextGrid by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) ended. Subsequently, both the TextGrid Laboratory and the TextGrid Repository will remain fully available. Their technological core components, such as the user administration and repository technologies, have been migrated into the digital research infrastructure DARIAH-DE - Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (also funded by the BMBF) as to guarantee a sustainable and long-term usage of TextGrid's state-of-the-art services. Additionally, TextGrid user meetings and workshops will continue in cooperation with DARIAH-DE. They offer the opportunity to present your own work, to get acquanited with the various features of both infrastructures, and to network with other scholars.

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TextGrid Videos

On our DHd channel on YouTube, you may find videos about TextGrid, DARIAH-DE and the Digital Humanities in general.