TextGrid Acceptable Use Policy

§ 1 Scope

This Policy applies to all users of the services and infrastructure - including data, equipment, and other facilities for data processing - provided by TextGrid and/or its partners. The purpose of this Policy is to outline the acceptable use of infrastructure and services provided by TextGrid. These rules are in place to protect users and TextGrid itself. Inappropriate use exposes TextGrid to risks including virus attacks, compromise of network systems and services, and legal issues. This policy is a translation provided for informational purposes only. The original German version is authoritative.

§ 2 TextGrid Services

TextGrid has the following mission:

  1. TextGrid operates a virtual library for philological processing, analysis, annotation, editing and publication of text data (TextGrid Repository).
  2. TextGrid operates a grid-capable virtual research environment (TextGrid Laboratory).
  3. To develop prototypes of community-based applications. 

§ 3 Liability of TextGrid and its partner organizations

  1. TextGrid does not guarantee error-free and interruption-free system operations at all times. Possible data loss resulting from technical failure or unauthorized access to confidential data of third parties cannot be guaranteed against.
  2. TextGrid is not liable for the content, accuracy, or integrity of the information to which access is provided through our tools and programs, nor whether this information is the most up-to-date available.
  3. TextGrid is liable only for intentional, grossly negligent acts by employees of its project partners. In case of a material breach of primary obligations, liability is limited to foreseeable damages, unless there is intentional, gross negligence.
  4. This legal disclaimer does not include injuries to life, limb or health as well as gross negligence.

§ 4 Approval of users

  1. Usage will be granted to the following entities:
    • Members of partner organizations.
    • Members of universities or other research facilities able to demonstrate appropriate affiliation.
    • Other national research and educational institutions or agencies. Usage will be based on special agreements.
    • Users of miscellaneous entities of divergent affiliation require separate licensure.
  2. Usage will be granted for scientific purposes, i.e. research, education, archival purposes, academic use, etc. Novel usage may be allowed if it does not negatively affect the project and other uses.
  3. Usage of all services and facilities may be granted by license, which may be issued upon application.
  4. The scope of the user license is restricted to the project submitted in the application and the scientific purposes described in the application. Such license may be granted on a temporary basis.
  5. User licensure may depend on the user’s verification of skills in handling the data processing facilities and services required.

§ 5 Acceptable use

  1. Beneficiaries are able to use all facilities, resources and services of TextGrid as defined by the license and this Policy in line with article 3.1.1. Divergent usage may be granted upon special licensure.
  2. Users are obligated
    • to follow the instructions of this policy and respect the limits of their licensure – especially those defined by article 4.2 of this Policy;
    • to refrain from activities which may violate normal operations of TextGrid resources.
    • to make use of all resources provided by TextGrid with care.
    • to use the personal identifier provided within the licensure only.
    • not to disseminate access data to third parties and to arrange precautions against unauthorized access. This implies choosing a secret, adequate password to protect access.
    • not to ascertain or use access data of other beneficiaries.
    • not to access information of other users, pass on such information to third parties, or manipulate known information of other users without permission.
    • to follow the legal requirements – especially copyright laws and obligations – and the terms of any licences when using software, documents or other data provided by TextGrid or its partner organizations.
    • to neither copy nor share software, documents or other data provided by TextGrid or its partners nor use it for other than defined purposes unless specifically authorized.
    • not to attempt to correct malfunctions or damage to resources provided by TextGrid by yourself but to inform us immediately.
    • to neither manipulate resources and hardware or software installations provided by TextGrid without being specifically authorized nor to change the configuration of the operating system, system data, user data or the network.
    • to inform us about programs and methods of usage and to provide insight into those programs and methods in proven cases of, for instance, unacceptable use.
    • to arrange the processing of personal data with TextGrid and to follow the data privacy measures proposed by TextGrid regardless of the privacy regulations of the user.
    • not to illegally distribute insulting, violence-glorifying, obscene, pornographic or slanderous contents via D-Grid. Likewise it is prohibited to knowingly distribute or plant viruses or other damaging programs.
  3. To realize profit on using the resources provided by TextGrid or its partners requires a written agreement of TextGrid or the partner organization respectively whose services are engaged.

§ 6 Unacceptable use

  1. The licensure may be denied in whole or in part, cancelled or restricted retroactively if
    • an appropriate application is either not available or the information is incorrect or no longer applies;
    • the requirements for appropriate usage of data processing equipment as defined by article 4 no longer exist;
    • the user’s project is incompatible with TextGrid’s mission or its purposes defined by article 4.2;
    • the existing IT-resources are insufficient for the user’s project or reserved for special purposes;
    • the capacity of the resources required is busy due to workload already in progress;
    • the IT components in use are connected to a network requiring special data privacy protection and therefore appropriate reasons for usage are not available.
    • the usage is due to affect other appropriate projects inadequately.
  2. Further elements of offense particularly result in immediate exclusion from usage:
    • Data Espionage (Ausspähen von Daten § 202a StGB)
    • Computer Trespass and Computer Sabotage (Datenveränderung § 303a StGB, Computersabotage § 303b StGB)
    • Computer Fraud (Computerbetrug § 263a StGB)
    • Distribution of Pornography; Distribution, Acquisition and Possession of Child Pornography and Distribution of Pornographic Performances by Broadcasting, Media Services or Telecommunications Services (Verbreitung pornographischer Darstellungen §§ 184 ff. StGB;
    • Verbreitung, Erwerb und Besitz kinderpornographischer Schriften § 184b StGB; Verbreitung pornographischer Darbietungen durch Rundfunk, Medien- oder Teledienste § 184d StGB)
    • Dissemination of Propaganda Material of Unconstitutional Organisations and Incitement to Hatred (Verbreitung von Propagandamitteln verfassungswidriger Organisationen § 86 StGB, Volksverhetzung § 130 StGB)
    • Insult (Beleidigung oder Verleumdung §§ 185 ff. StGB)
    • Actionable Unauthorized Exploitation of Copyrighted Works (Strafbare Urheberrechtsverletzungen, urheberrechtswidrige Vervielfältigung von Software §§ 106 ff. UrhG).
  3. Permanent restrictions or complete exclusion will occur in case of severe and repeated violation as defined by articles 6.1 and 6.2 if an appropriate behaviour is not to be expected in the future. Permanent exclusion from TextGrid is to be decided by its partner organizations on application of the Steering Group. Possible titles of TextGrid remain intact.
  4. Temporary restrictions decided by the Steering Group are to be lifted as soon as appropriate usage can be guaranteed again.
  5. Sanctions according to article 6.2 will occur after an ineffective warning only. The aggrieved party ought to be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations. A neutral arbitrator will be appointed by mutual agreement. The aggrieved party may by all means have the chance to save his or her data.

§ 7 Liability of users

  1. Users are liable for all losses incurred by TextGrid arising from illegal or improper usage of IT resources and the licensure or the user’s culpable failure to fulfil the regulations of this policy.
  2. Users also are liable for losses caused as a result of third-party usage of access and services provided by TextGrid if the users account for this third-party usage by disseminating access data to third persons. In such case TextGrid may demand remuneration from the user for this third-party usage according to the fee schedule.
  3. Users have to indemnify TextGrid from all claims if TextGrid is sued by third parties for damages, mandamus or other debts resulting from illegal or improper user conduct. TextGrid will announce the litigation to the user if third parties proceed against the project.