TextGrid after the end of the BMBF funding period

On 31.05.2015 the funding of TextGrid by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) ended after a period of nine years. Regardless, both the TextGrid Laboratory and the TextGrid Repository will remain fully available. Since numerous technological components such as the user administration and repository technologies have been migrated to the digital research infrastructure DARIAH-DE - Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, which is also funded by the BMBF, a sustainable and long-term usage of TextGrid's state-of-the-art services is guaranteed. Furthermore, user meetings and workshops are be up on the agenda in cooperation with DARIAH-DE, which give you an understanding of the services provided by each project. In this context you have the opportunity to present your own work and to exchange experiences with other scholars.

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Institutional Sustainability

In May 2012 “TextGrid – Verein zum nachhaltigen Betrieb einer Virtuellen Forschungsumgebung in den Geisteswissenschaften e.V.” has been founded. It is – among other options – supposed to form the long-term institutional base for the permanent operation.

Academic Sustainability

Trainings, workshops and events like regular user meetings, summits, expert and strategy talks as well as the close exchange with other academic communities ensure the sustainability of the research environment on a academic level. Furthermore international standards – concerning markup formats (XML/TEI) and metadata concepts among others – are implemented.

Technical Sustainability

The tools and services offered in TextGrid are generalised in such a way, that they may also be used in related humanistic communities. External tools, that are optimised for the integration into TextGrid, extend the offering, so that numerous typical work flows in the Humanities are realisable in one single environment.

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